Saturday, June 9, 2012

Teacher's Gifts


It's end of the year, and this year I was a little bit short on time so I made altered boxes for my kid's teachers. I started with beautiful decorative boxes in the teacher's favorite colors, and then I added matching embellishments.

The first one is for my daughter's creative and loving teacher. She loves black, white and red, so I picked a box that is black and white to start with. The wonderful thing is that the box has a quote about how valuable learning is, and is just perfect for my daughter's wonderful teacher because she really dedicated in helping the kids to develop a love for learning! I added the beautiful ribbon, the red rose and some Prima pearls to the top of the box.

The second box is for my son's equally wonderful teacher. She's an astonishing teacher, and this year she taught a combined kindergarten/1st grade class and did a wonderful job! Her favorite colors are blue and green, so I picked this beautiful nature-theme box for her:


Because the box itself is so pretty, I didn't use any patterned papers. Instead I added matching flowers, butterflies and pearls to accent the beautiful patterns.

IMG_3505.JPG IMG_3506.JPG

Supplies List:

Prima Pearls

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