Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tags - Index/Table of Contents

I love tags. I've seen many beautiful ones, either pre-made or hand-made. I have always wanted to make some... but I'm not sure how to use them besides using them as gift tags or on cards.

One day, while I was planning the table of content/index page for the travel album, I suddenly remembered the ticket stubs I've collected from our trip. We went to a few places and collected quite a few of them. I failed to include them in the actual trip LOs.. so now I have to find a way to include them in the album.

Then I suddenly remember tags! They would make wonderful ticket stub holders! Or at least I hope.....

I picked the same Making Memories tropical patterned paper that I used on some of my travel LOs, and used that as the design for the tags. Embellishing them was fun. I even did one of them as a hidden tag for our itinerary. I tend to forget where we've been after a while....


  1. This is such a great idea! great way to use tags, which are fun to make, and to incorporate ticket stubs as it!

  2. Wonderful way to include the mementos in your album!

  3. I LOVE your tags! They are each so detailed and beautiful! You are so creative!