Thursday, September 25, 2008

Simple Pleasures - Tea

I was so excited yesterday! My order from Stash Tea has arrived.. and I know I'll get to enjoy some really good tea for a couple of weeks... until my cup runneth dry ....

I enjoyed the YMY Chrysanthemum tea so much that I ordered some loose tea to try. I am so pleased to find that the loose tea also has a great, light taste! I have never found any 'Western' companies that make such a good mum tea, this is the first time. So besides the YMY Special Occasion Green Tea (with matcha), I now have another green tea to enjoy.

I still have an abundance of black tea (Stash Earl Grey is still my favourite) so I didn't order any more. Besides, I like the fruit flavoured black tea from Ahmad a little better than Stash.

I did order some black peony tea (and discovered that I have some white peony too.. I'm such a hoarder). I can't wait to see how this beautiful tea brews in a glass teapot.

And best of all, I received a fantastic sampler. I am not sure what chocolate mint Oolong or coconut mango Oolong is going to taste like, but it's worth trying. I hope it'll be a better tasting experience than any of the flavoured green tea. I really like my green tea, well, green. :)

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