Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Time goes by really fast.. it seems like we just got married yesterday... but here we are, many years later, with 2 kids and a whole bunch of baggage. Good thing life is not like airlines these days.. it doesn't charge extra fees for baggage.. or does it???

So how did we manage to weather the stormy days? Obsessions, my friend! He has his photography and I have my scrapbooking! That and with many many blessings and prayers from those around us .... :)

Anyway, I fell in love with the K&Co Blue Awning collection. (Yes, I admit it, I am hopelessly in love with blue. If you have to pair it with something else, it's got to be green or purple.) I thought the blue and green and beige will make a perfectly masculine card!

This is my first time making a gate fold card. I had to add 1/2 to the total width of the card, and then trimmed the fold to give it the diamond shape. I added the blue strips to the outward facing side of the card and then added the triangle onto the front. I added a lighter colour patterned paper to the inside of the card so that I can write a message in there.

Double-sided patterned paper works really well in a gate fold card. When you fold the card, you get different patterns without having to glue another layer to it. I also love the fact that the double-side papers are usually colour-coordinated.

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