Thursday, September 25, 2008

Special Delivery

It's been a great couple of weeks. Our friends have given birth, brought back adopted babies .. there are just lots of babies and lots of love... and we have 3 more friends who are expecting! Can you say Baby Shower? Bring on the cake, the confetti and the shower goodies!

This is the 4th diaper cake I've made and it is a bit more compact because I needed to transport it in my car. So I used #1 diapers. Just one package, plus some goodies such as burb clothes, wash clothes, onesies and 2 sets of outfit. There is a baby blanket that's wrapped in the center to give it more 'volume'.

I love Michael's $1 ribbon spots.. that's where I get most of my ribbons! :) However, even after that, it looks a bit plain. Since I don't have time to fully embellish the cake, I took a short cut!

I found that the K&Co tags (or any tags) work great as a simple embellishment. I already have a set of baby girl tags from my last creation, so this time I have to buy a set of baby boy tags. And I'll get to use them on 2 more cakes. Good deal!


  1. Great photos! Are you doing this or DH?

  2. Thanks, Cath! I took the photos. :) I am still learning...

  3. I LOVE this! I've only made one diaper cake for my friend and it looked totally different than this. I love the way this looks...totally cute!